Faith GFCI Outlets Self-Test 15 Amp Tamper-Resistant GFI Electrical Outlet

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Duplex 15 Amp 125V self-test TR GFCI outlet receptacle meet NEC Article 406.12, matching wallplates and screws included, ideal for indoor application at places like Basement, Bathroom or Garage.

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This Faith 15A GFCI outlet receptacle GLS-15ATR provides tamper resistant protection for users from shock via spring-loaded shutters. The shutters will remain closed when the plug is inserted correctly. This features foreign objects detection and avoid items like knives, forks, or loose jewelry to access plugs, therefore can reduce electrical shock injury.  15 amp GFCI outlet with obvious “TR” mold mark on the surface between the two prongs.

Idea for installing in indoor facilities such as kitchen, porch, Garage, basement, bedroom, classroom, library and many other similar places.  With the power rating at 15 Amp 125 volt, this UL/ETL certified outlet is ideal for delivering power to your indoor electronic devices, appliances, power tools, PCs, TVs, and lamps.

Comply with latest National Electrical Code for ground fault protection, this 15 amp GFCI receptacle is much easier to recognize and fix trips in place where they happen – avoid any confusion at the breaker box. 

Easy installation by quickly connecting the receptacle for using space-saving screw terminals. Take control of your electrical outlet with a Faith-branded Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.


Tenhnical Specifications

Current Rating: 15A

Voltage: 125 Volt AC

Rated Frequency: 60 Hz

UL standard: UL943, UL498, UL1998

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