Outdoor Lighting and Receptacle Codes

There are electrical codes that must be followed for any electrical installation, including outdoor electrical installations. Considering outdoor light fixtures may be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, they are designed to seal out wind,rain, and snow. Most outdoor fixtures also have special protective covers to keep your light working in adverse conditions.

Receptacles that are used outdoors must have safety protection from ground-fault circuit-interrupter. GFCI devices automatically trip if they sense an imbalance in the circuit that may indicate a fault to ground, which can occur when electrical equipment or anyone using it is in contact with water. GFCI receptacles are usually used in wet locations, includes bathrooms, basements, kitchens, garages, and outdoors.

Below is a list of the specific requirements for outdoor lighting and outlets and the circuits that feed them.


1.Required Outdoor Receptacle Locations